AS.200.101   Fall 2017

Introduction to Psychology

When: TTh, 1:30-2:45

Where: Hodson 110


Chaz Firestone
Office Hours: M 2:30pm-3:30pm, W 1:30pm-3:30pm,
Ames 223
Brittney Boublil
Teaching Assistant
OH: T 2:45-4:45pm
Ames 121
Seah Chang
Teaching Assistant
OH: Th 10:30am-12:30pm
Ames 119
Kevin Himberger
Teaching Assistant
OH: F 9am-11am
Ames 103
Adi Upadhyayula
Teaching Assistant
OH: M 3:30-5:30pm
Ames 150
Qingqing Zhang
Teaching Assistant
OH: Th 3:30-5:30pm
Ames 116


Course Syllabus (updated: 9/5/17)
  1. Introduction to Introduction to Psychology
  2. This is Your Brain
    [slides][text: 79-87; 95b-105; 114b-125][learn more]
  3. Foundations of Psychology
    [slides][text: 266-290t][supp. reading][learn more]
  4. Language: A Psychological 'Battleground'
    [slides][text: 351-368][learn more]
  5. Perceiving The World
    [slides][text: 129-172][learn more]
  6. Culture and Perception
  7. What is it Like to be a Baby?
    [slides][text: 431-446]
  8. Our Moral Origins (+ Exam Review)
    [slides][text: none][reading][learn more]
  9. Conscious of the Past: Memory
    [slides][text: 221-260][learn more]
  10. Psychology and the Law
    [slides][text: none][reading][learn more]
  11. Mental Illness
    [slides][text: 583-621][learn more]
  12. Drugs, Enhancement, Performance
    [slides][text: none][reading][learn more]
  13. How We Decide
    [slides][text: 374-386][take this quiz if you have time][learn more]
  14. What Drives Us: Food and Sex
    [slides][text: 333b-342t][learn more]
  15. Psychology and Technology
    [slides][text: none][reading][learn more]
  16. Who Are You: The Psychology of Personality
    [slides][text: 471-503][learn more]
  17. From 'Person' to 'People': Group Behavior
    [slides][text: 537-545][play this game][learn more]
  18. Love & Relationships
    [slides][text: none][learn more]
  19. Emotions
    [slides][text: 313-331][learn more]
  20. What Makes Us Happy?
    [slides][text: none][learn more]
  21. The People Decide!
    [slides][text: none][reading][learn more]
  22. Mysteries of Psychology (+ Exam Review)
    [slides][text: none][reading][learn more]
    *** Slides for Review Session #3
    (prepared by your TAs!) ***


What music is Prof. Firestone playing during class?